Is stress taking over?

Are you too busy to enjoy your life?

Do you need to relax but can’t find the time for
yourself in your busy schedule?

  • Learn to relax, begin to heal
  • Stay in the moment
  • Gain energy effortlessly
  • Feel refreshed now
  • Simplify into serenity
  • Balance family and business
  • Create space for happiness
  • Put yourself back on your to-do list

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“Relax on the Go with Valerie”

“I had literally been swirling in frenzy and frustration for months--painfully stuck without a clear business definition. Valerie not only perfectly described what I was feeling, she helped me find my way out. With her approachability and her insightful questions, I was able to focus and clarify my unique value right away. My business concept just “clicked” into place.” “With Valerie's Manifesting Your Life system, I was able to focus and clarify my unique value right away.”

Denise Rushing
Sustainable Business Change Agent

“Valerie Sorrento’s “Vision Board Workshop” was so wonderfully helpful to me. I received tremendous insights during her class. Valerie constructed the boards around the principles of Feng Shui. Our boards were created according to our own energy and therefore more in alignment with each person’s individual life path. What was supremely helpful to me was the fact that during class when I felt any resistance to what I was desiring to manifest, Valerie had an arsenal of wonderful techniques and modalities to help me remove those blockages, some of which were ages old, to creating the life I truly desired. I learned that the board I was creating was a living thing (like my life) and that by interacting with it through Valerie’s very insightful guidance, I am so excited to know that I will finally create the life I came here to live.”

Montana Black
Art With Intention
Feng Shui Artist

“I have known Valerie for many years and she truly is a gift that has come into my life along with being well respected within the Las Vegas community. I find I always gain inspiration from her vast knowledge and her incredible nurturing yet invigorating character. She is definitely a strong dynamic woman who welcomes one into her healing space with a sense of comfort and ease. I enjoyed working with Valerie on this process of my mission statement. I was able to feel safe with her as she guided me to look within myself and recognize my own truth. My time with her helped me to create more self-awareness in my life; made me become more accountable both personally and professionally by setting goals and helping me to strive to be the best person I can be!”

Rachel Sellers
Certified Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist
Las Vegas, Nevada

Download your FREE
Meditation Audio
“Relax on the Go with Valerie”

Valerie Sorrentino is a teacher, a healer, and a deep listener. She has traveled the world to learn with master teachers the art of creating spiritually infused space to thrive in.

She uses Advanced Vision Board work to easily and quickly transform from the basic foundations of manifesting. Her gift is to hold the space for true growth, positive change and the discovery of your soft power.

Valarie teaches “The Simple Art of Manifesting,” remaining in the moment, staying centered, grounded and learning to receive and create in flow with change and growth. It is her mission is to open the passageway for the spiritual homemaker living a traditional and not so traditional life.

She is a mother of 2, happily married for over 23 years, a daughter, a wife and a yogi. She helps those who are looking for the gentle understandings of this existence and believes that the peace we seek is found within and reflected in everything we see.